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Yes, we write content for companies.

But there’s much more to it than that. We invest the time to build ongoing relationships with our clients. You’ll notice right away that we are committed to understanding your business, your goals, and your unique voice. And we actively stay in touch. Why? One reason: to craft excellent content for your organization.

Good content builds new relationships and strengthens existing ones. Good content talks to your current clients and brings in the Big 3: repeat business, additional business, and referrals. Current clients are more likely to keep continue buying from you, purchase additional products or services, and refer business to you. Good content also makes your website sticky and keeps prospects on your site longer. Good content is exactly what social media needs to be effective. Good content enjoys a high ROI.Good content is what Ghost Partner does best.

Meet The Ghosts…

Howard Flint
Howard FlintGros Fromage
I started Ghost Partner after I sold my last company, BUZZ Publishing in 2006. When I started Ghost Partner I knew that engaging content for the web was the future, and serious businesses were going to need plenty of it. What I didn’t know was how Social Media was going to increase demand almost overnight. I was fortunate enough to know a group of really talented writers, designers, coders, and planners that I’ve worked with over the years. With this network, Ghost Partner can help companies use content, the new currency of the internet, to grow and be found. I am a Constant Contact “Authorized Local Expert”. Which means that Constant Contact has authorized me to go out and preach the gospel of Email, Social and Web marketing. that Ghost Partner is Accredited Solution Provider with Constant Contact.I graduate from Indiana University as English major in the haze of the late 80s. I have been married for 26 years and have 3 unruly children.
Constant Contact 84%
“Mystery Science Theater 3000” 95%
Valerie Shepherd
Valerie ShepherdContent Director
A self-proclaimed transplanted Georgia Peach by way of the Windy City Chicago, I wear five hats daily as a Content Director, Editor, and Project Manager for Ghost, as well as a Published Writer and Mommy. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a UGA grad (Gooo Dawgs!) with a BSED in English Education. I focus on what businesses crave, large or small: creating marketing that matters, elevating brand identity, and developing content that is genuine and stands-out in a sea of sameness. You can frequently find the articles I pen in several Atlanta based magazines, and I’m also the co-author of The Ex-Wives Guide to Divorce. It was published by Skyhorse in 2016 and widely covered in the media locally, nationally, and abroad. Both my home and life are filled with whimsy and everything I love – my young Dalai Lama like son, Jack Jack the beagle/hound rescue doggie, as well as a large collection of garden gnomes. On my days off I enjoy traveling with my son (39 countries and counting), especially to any destination involving crystal blue waters and limited cell reception.
Keeping projects on schedule 95%
Laughing louder than anyone in the room 89%
Joe Kennedy
Joe KennedySocial Media Manager
Originally from Florida, my career has taken me to the West Coast, back to the East Coast, to the Midwest and now to the South. If I could, I would travel all the time, and by the time I was 25, had already been to 25 countries, but lost track after that. On weekends, you can usually find me out on a hike, run, or exploring another city somewhere. At Ghost Partner, I make sure clients social media posts are going out around the clock and always stay up to date with the latest trends in digital media. I came into doing all things social media and writing by way of working years in IT, and those tech skills definitely help out in the current internet landscape. I also run a website specializing in travel to Africa. In the last two years I’ve gotten married, plus added two family members in the form of cats.
Keeping the center of the wheel turning 100%
Using my black belt in shopping 95%
Laura Phelan
Laura PhelanWord Wizard
As a child, I spun harrowing tales that left my neighborhood friends sleepless come bedtime. Despite their fears, the kids found themselves wanting more, and I developed a reputation for entertaining those around me. As I grew, you could find me onstage with the drama club or penning my own original plays for my family’s enjoyment. At the age of 12, I knew I wanted a career in television. After graduating from the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications, I worked for many years in post-production as both a project manager and writer/producer for major cable networks, including Turner Entertainment. When my first child was born, I left all the glitz and glamour for diaper duty. But I never stopped writing. Through a series of gigs, I landed at Ghost Partner. Here I create content that sets our clients apart. In my free time, I enjoy hitting the road in my running shoes as well as straying off the beaten path all around the world. However, no matter where I roam, putting pen to paper is where I feel most at home.
Create Fabulous Content 95%
Movie Snob 82%
Rand Cabus
Rand CabusDesign Demon
I always knew that design and business would have a big impact on my life; it just took a while to figure out. It started with my first branding project at age 14, a logo for my skateboard company that I ran off on my dad’s mimeograph machine. Didn’t change at the University of Tennessee where my art professor kept telling me, “be more conceptional, not so commercial.” Or my first business acquisition at age 22, Universal Printing Company, where I set up the area’s first desktop publishing lab and was a beta tester for computer design programs Pagemaker and Digital Darkroom.

Then came family. I settled down in historic Roswell, threw out a marketing and graphics shingle, opened a couple of restaurants along the way — Nirvana Cafe and Grill and Fortuneberry: Smoothies and Wraps — and then closed them down, too. I stuck with the graphics part but never stopped dreaming up businesses, opening Mojo Vinyl Records a few years ago. Never stop dreaming…

Good Design Solves Problems 90%
Listens to Vinyl Records 80%
Kathy Yakal
Kathy YakalAccounting Tech Content
I have the dubious distinction of being the oldest member of the Ghost Partner team. I wish that made the smartest or most talented, but alas—or fortunately—I’m lucky enough to work with people who all excel at what they do. I’ve been writing about technology since before the Commodore 64 and the first IBM-PCjr were introduced. I first wrote for print publications and then websites (PC Magazine, Barron’s, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, and a whole lot of others that are long gone). As I recall, the boss asked me in 2007, “Hey, do you know anything about QuickBooks?” I’ve been a Ghost Partner contributor and fan ever since. I envy my co-workers in Atlanta during the winter; I live in St. Paul, MN, with my husband, two cats, and two dogs of my favorite breed (rescue).
Cloud-based Accounting 87%
Working with Rescue Animals 91%

Content is Mobile Ready. Content is Design Responsive.

Our Business Model:

“Partner” is in our name for a reason. We only work with companies who partner with us to create ongoing content projects.

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“II think you have to try and fail, because failure gets you closer to what you’re good at.”

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