Earlier this month, we discussed the basics of content marketing. Most people start their content marketing strategy by blogging. While blogging’s important, it’s only a small piece of content marketing.

The ultimate goal in content marketing is to create content that your consumers want to consume. If you’re bored writing a blog post every day, then most likely, your readers are bored reading your blog post every day.

A killer content strategy uses a variety of content to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Take 5 seconds to think of any brand. What comes to mind first? Why did you think of it?

My personal favorite is Wendy’s twitter feed. After I read the BuzzFeed article “15 Times The Wendy’s Twitter Was The Most Savage,” I started to check Wendy’s twitter feed every morning. It’s content that entertains me and makes me want to share it with my followers.

So, what did you think of? Tell us below in the comments!

7 Types of Content

We’ve put together a list of 7 popular types of content. While Wendy’s hits my sweet spot, social media may not be the answer for every business. An accountant may want to create eBooks on the yearly tax updates, while a makeup brand may want to develop a series of makeup tutorial videos.

Don’t forget to develop content that will help you connect with your audience. Content can be formal, like whitepapers, or casual, like memes. Think your audience won’t watch a video? No problem! Choose what you think is best for your brand and strategy.


7 types of content infographic


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