After years of producing monthly newsletters for QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors, Ghost Partner is excited to spin-off the QB newsletters as a free-standing website. The QB Client ( launches this month to offer the QBC (desktop) and the QBO (QB Online), monthly articles licensed to accountants across the country. In addition, The QB Client will begin offering other content marketing services for accountants specializing in QuickBooks accounting software. The QBC and QBO are available in both Constant Contact and WORD formats, as well as DIY and DI4Y (Do-it-for-me) options. QuickBooks ProAdvisors use these newsletters to send to their own clients, post to social media, and publish to their blogs.

Howard Flint, CEO of Ghost Partner, says, “It was time to give this important part of our business its own place. It has a lot of potential and needed room to spread out”. Howard hopes that in the next year The QB Client will also offer website updates for WordPress sites, custom content, increased social media content, lead generation, and email drip campaigns.