Today, August 24, 2017, Boo is officially 10 years old. I know this because I created “him” 10 years ago, when I was looking at names for my new company. I was trying different combinations of words that I thought would get across what I was trying to essentially do – create custom content for companies. I wanted to partner with companies for 2 reasons: I thought that content was going to become an important way for companies to stay connected to their clients, and, as for a business model, I wanted recurring revenue. When I landed on Ghost Partner, I just loved it, but it needed to pass that all important 21st century test…  could I get the “.com”. I was somewhat surprised (and elated) that it was still available. So, on August 24th 2007, I registered our domain. “Boo”, our ghostly mascot, pencil to mouth, looking thoughtfully skyward creating his next great idea, was not far behind in creation.



As for a piece of background on Ghost Partner, we ultimately came out of the scraps of my previous company, BUZZ Publishing. At BUZZ we published print newsletters for “serious” users of ACT!, Peachtree and QuickBooks software. A few years before selling BUZZ, I started getting calls from accountants who were subscribing to our monthly, multi-article QuickBooks and Peachtree newsletters. They asked if they could get a shorter, one article version of this newsletter, but brand it by putting their name on. They wanted to use this to send to THEIR clients. Promotion + education = genius. This wasn’t a new concept by any means, but I hadn’t woken up to its genius yet. Luckily, my clients had, and I listened. After selling BUZZ in late 2006 to Eli Research, I settled uncomfortably in as one of their employees running my old company as well as some additional ventures for them. On which I stumbled upon another realization… there was a reason I started my own company to begin with.  And being an employee was not one of them. We decided to part ways after a year, however on my way-out Eli asked if I wanted to retain the ‘Custom Newsletter’ portion of business of BUZZ. They didn’t see a future in it, and would probably eliminate it. So, my parting gift was a piece of my old business back. That’s what became Ghost Partner.

The cliché would be to say the rest was easy and we grew effortlessly from there. It didn’t happen that way…it rarely does. I designed Ghost Partner to work around my family: wife Canita and 3 kids (Piper, Oliver, and Campbell). I wanted the best of both of my worlds – to grow this new content business in the digital age, but still be there for my family. Fortuitously, that desire for my work-life balance led me to many talented writers that also wanted that balance. I joke that I mostly hire super-moms! I’ve found the key to running any successful business is surrounding yourself with really smart people. My version of that was hiring high functioning moms, who wanted to work from bus pick-up to bus drop-off, instead of their previous high level high stress corporate careers. I had access to a very talented pool of professionals, sometimes right in my neighborhood.

Now 10 years later, I want to see how far I can take Ghost Partner. We’ve built a great foundation of talented ‘Ghosts’ and loyal clients. Now, I want to work up to a life-long dream of becoming an Inc Magazine 500 company. That means we would be named one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in the US. A pretty lofty goal, but I think we have the right “Ghosts” in place, and the market beckons for custom content marketing that drives genuine results.  Right people, right business, right time.  We are ready for a new adventure.

The Path Forward

So stick around and read about what Ghost Partner is up to next as we enter our second decade. Meet our team and hear some of our innovative ideas. Join us on this journey and learn along with us. Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.  Because there is nobody we’d rather have along for the ride!