It’s no secret–traditional marketing methods are less effective than they used to be. As the world gets more digital, the battle for audience attention gets fierce. Ads and messages bombard consumers every day—sometimes every minute–making each message less effective.

But consumers want to see messages that resonate with them. According to a study by Custom Content Council, more than 70 percent of consumers prefer to receive information from articles rather than ads, and 68 percent of consumers value custom content.

The solution? Content Marketing.

What’ s Content Marketing?

Well, it depends on who you ask, but The Content Marketing Institute provides an excellent definition:

“…[a] strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience.”

The key word here is valuable. Content marketing creates content your target audience wants to read. Content marketing is not a sales pitch. Instead, it’s an opportunity to provide quality information or education to your target audience, thus creating value. By consistently providing your target audience with consistent, valuable information, they’ll reward you with their business and loyalty.

Why does content marketing benefit your business? 

Content marketing’s primary goal is to build and maintain a connection between your company and consumers. Successful content gets consumers reading more, clicking call-to-actions, and exploring additional content. The benefits are vast, these are some of the most exciting:

  • Lead generation. If consumers feel you’re providing value, they’ll be more likely to provide contact details for newsletter subscriptions, free downloads, or requests for more information.
  • Improved brand reputation.  Your valuable and informative content will lead people to think more highly of your brand. By providing consistent, high-quality content you’ll be perceived as a thought leader and considered trustworthy.
  • Increased social media presence. When you syndicate your content on social media, you achieve increased exposure. Consumers who are excited by your content  will share it with their friends and family.
  • Increased SEO rankings. Each high-quality page indexed provides more opportunities for better search engine rankings.  Using keywords will help you understand what your customers’ needs, so you can create content that will get you found on search engines.

Still have questions? Reach out any time. We’re here to answer your questions.