Ghost Partner launches “The QB Client” for ProAdvisors

After years of producing monthly newsletters for QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors, Ghost Partner is […]

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A Ghost Story: We’re 10 years old today

Today, August 24, 2017, Boo is officially 10 years old. I know this […]

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How to Reel In Readers that (Might) Get Away

 Last month we covered “4 Tips for Writing Compelling Headlines that Attract Maximum […]

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4 Tips for Writing Compelling Headlines that Attract Maximum Reader Attention

  Now that you have an editorial calendar, it’s time to get writing. Your […]

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6 External Sources for Timely, Relevant Newsletter Topics

Do you have some topics on your editorial calendar by now? We hope […]

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6 Tips for Generating (Practically) Instant Topic Ideas for your Newsletter

Now that we’ve talked about an editorial calendar, let’s get started filling it […]

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An Editorial Calendar Will Help Keep You Consistent with Content Marketing

In our article “Content Marketing: What’s the Big Deal?” we made the point […]

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Even MORE about Keywords

In February, we introduced the idea of keywords in “4 Things You Need […]

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4 Things You Need to Know about Creating a Keyword List for Your Website

Last month, we asked “What’s the Big Deal with Content Marketing?”. Hopefully we made […]

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Content Marketing: What’s the Big Deal?

Maybe you’ve heard a bit about the importance of having good content to […]

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