Am I limited to how many people I can send it to?

You can send it to an unlimited amount of people. You can post it to your Social Media and publish it to your blog. The only restriction is that you can’t resell it.

As a NAN Premier member, what newsletters do I get?

Watch the video at the top of this page: You get 2 newsletters with your NAN Premier membership: The QBC and XTRA basic newsletters.

Can Ghost customize my template?

You bet we can! We call it going “PRO”.

Can I get custom content?

Yes you can. We can set you up with one of our own writers to create an Editorial Calendar and write on specific topics of your company (blogs, customer profiles, etc.)

Can I put this content on my website/blog?

Yes you can. Or we can do it for you:

How do I add my logo to the basic version of the QBC?

How to use the Image library, Import images from your computer and Social Media: Adding Images

How to edit an email template: Edit Content

 How to Add Your Logo


How do I add my social media links to my newsletter?
  • If you want to add the Social Share option (where people who are reading your email can share it on their own social pages) you go into the header (top) section of the email and click the box next to Social Share.
  • If you want to add YOUR social links into the email, you will need to ADD a block for content (or sometimes there is a block you can add called “Social Media buttons”). To add a block, go to the left hand toolbar and select BLOCKS at the top to reveal the selection of blocks to add. If the option for “Social Media” blocks isn’t available, select a “Content” block. Drag it where you want it in your newsletters. Then click in it to edit that box. Once in EDIT mode, you’ll see a new selection in the left hand side toolbar that lets you add individual Social Media icons (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). Add the necessary icons. MAKE SURE you click on the icon, while still in EDIT mode, to add your unique URL. That way when your readers click on the icon, it goes to YOUR Facebook, or LinkedIn, etc. page.
How do I change the “From” email address in my newsletter?

Watch this video to see how to change the “From” email address in your newsletter: Change From

How do I edit the content in my newsletter?

Watch this video to see how to edit the content in your newsletter: Edit Content

How do I schedule my newsletter to send at a later date?

Once you are ready for your email to be scheduled to send, click the yellow “Continue” button in the upper right hand corner. On the next screen you add your lists. When you’re ready, hit the yellow “schedule” button. Here is where you can schedule your email to Send now or schedule it for a later date and time. This will help you get organized and ahead of the game.

How do I share my newsletter on Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)?

By using the “Simple Share” button at the bottom of the SCHEDULE page. VIDEO:

Simple Share

How do I upload my list?

Watch this video to upload a list to your Constant Contact account.

Uploading your list

How to Upload Your List

Upload a List to CTCT from Ghost Partner on Vimeo.

What can I customize about my newsletter?

Once you have received your newsletter it is completely editable and customizable by you. You can add your logo, a short intro paragraph, remove the QBC logo, it’s up to you! You have complete freedom over what your newsletter looks like.

How to add your logo


What can I do with the Word version?

You can use the Word version to send out through your email and to add to your blog on your website.

What format are the newsletters available in?

The newsletters are available in 2 formats: Word and Constant Contact. If you want to try getting our newsletter is Constant Contact, it’s free for 60 days, or 2 issues.

When do I get my newsletter (every month)?

The QBC is distributed around the 15th of the prior month (i.e. The August issue will be distributed around the 15th of July). The QBO is distributed around the 19th of the prior month. XTRA is distributed around the 21st of the prior month. Tax:Plan is distributed around the 22nd of the prior month. If you haven’t received your newsletter by the actual month (i.e. August by August 1st) please send us an email:

Who writes the content?

Kathy Yakal has been writing for national and regional print magazines and websites since 1983.  Her work has appeared in publications like Barron’s,Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine and PC Magazine. She’s seen her byline enough, and now likes to help accountants, social media specialists and other small businesses connect with their clients and customers by ghostwriting blogs, articles and columns.

A native Midwesterner who’s enjoyed living on both coasts, St. Paul, MN has been her home since 2004. If she didn’t write for a living, she’d be doing something that involved dogs.