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Email marketing is by far the best method of staying in touch with your customer base. We’ll even go so far as to claim that email is king. It’s targeted. It’s personal. It leads to high audience engagement and allows for direct offers.

However, there is one caveat: you need to think of your emails more like newsletters of yore. They need to comprise bona fide articles focused on engaging and relevant content that’s worth your customers’ time to read. In today’s business culture, a mere advertisement poorly disguised as an email newsletter article won’t cut it.

Instead, you want your customers to view your email newsletter – and by association, your company — as a reliable source of helpful, pertinent information.


Ghost Partner is a Constant Contact Platinum-level Solution Provider. Our association with the leading online marketing organization means we have at our fingertips the latest in online marketing developments with proven services and support. And we put these to work for you.
Do your customers view you as a reliable source of news, updates, and advice that’s important to them? We can make that happen.

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Social media is coming into its own as a platform for content marketing. Once the domain of teenagers and people with too much time on their hands, social media has gained ground with savvy organizations as a viable marketing conduit. And for good reason.

Social media moves at the speed of business today. It’s a quick way to get the word out about specials, updates, late-breaking news, and links to other news and information that might be interesting to your audience. You can also link to content on your own website to increase traffic.

But social media is changing fast. It’s not the same tool that it was even two years ago; you’ll use it differently today, and we’ll show you how. If we’re your partner, we’ll help you stay up on social media’s ongoing evolution.

Are you using social media to its full advantage? Are you on the right platforms? Are there new places to go? We can help.

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Your website is most likely the first place customers will go to gain information about your organization and its services. So it’s crucial that your website content is well crafted, pertinent, and compelling.

Moreover, your website content must also be dynamic. Once upon a time, people thought of websites as static marketing tools; but today’s search engines rank websites based on content, among other things. If your content is stale, you’ll be ranked lower on Google. That’s not a happy state of affairs. You want to be visible to your customers and prospects.

Has it been a while since you’ve updated your website? Give us a call.

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In the best content marketing scenario, the trifecta – email, social media, and website content – work together to serve your customers and boost your image. Ghost Partner can design and implement a customized strategic plan for your company, which includes components such as keyword research, an editorial calendar, and an engagement strategy. Your strategic plan will encompass all the critical elements for success. Moreover, we’ll work with you to ensure your plan fits well within your overall marketing campaign.

Do you have a multi-component strategic plan in place? We have the people, resources, and tools to create one for your needs.

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When you want to hook a certain fish, you need the right bait. Lead generation via content marketing works the same way. Create the well-targeted eBook, and you can generate leads from a certain industry, job title, or demographic. Targeted content creation combined with social and search marketing will help you bring in warm, qualified leads for your team to convert to ongoing clients.

Targeted Content Creation
+ Social and Search Marketing
Qualified Leads/More Revenue

Have you thought about new ways to generate targeted leads? We think about them every day. We can help you.

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We do live performances really well. We’d love to come speak at your business function or education event on topics such as email marketing, social media marketing, content, and more.

Find out where Howard’s next workshop is HERE

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Social Media is sexy, but Email is still KING.

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#1 – Clients can…

…give you REPEAT Business if you stay connected to them. Like any good relationship, you need to stay in touch. Whether they buy something small every week, or something huge evevry decade, you need to stay consistently engaged.

#2 – Clients can…

…give you MORE business. When you have a relationship with your best clients, you can remind them of other products and services that you offer. If they never hear from you…. they’ll never know. Or worse, they’ll buy it from someone else.

#3 – Clients can…

REFER you to more clients. Everyone loves “Word-of-Mouth” marketing. How do you create it?: Stay engaged with your BEST clients. Because they LOVE you, their words carry more weight than all your marketing efforts.

Content is Revenue Generating. Content is Lead Generating.

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